Monday, July 21, 2008

Rev It Up!!!

Saturday night we went to the Drag Races at Famoso Raceway!

My husband was hosting an event there for his employees...night time drag racing, BBQ, and lots of fun!!! When we walked around to check out the cars prior to the race I was reminded of our new Duncan Oh Four™ Bisque banks...

I have been waiting for just the right design for my Smokin Hot Rod Bank, now I think that I have found it!

Once I finish my bank I will post the picture!!! What are you waiting for...Rev It Up!!

Artfully Yours,

Ceramic Diva

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Protect Our Planet

This is our newest Colorworks lesson plan..."Protecting Our Planet"
Geared towards 4th - 6th graders...this project is perfect if you are a teacher of course, but it also is a great way to help your kids understand what we can do to protect our planet! It's the perfect time to think about conserving, saving, recycling, and discovering new, more efficient products to help us do the things we do every day! Get your kids motivated to learn about organic gardening by developing their own research questions, conducting research, and gardening!
Artfully Yours,
Ceramic Diva