Thursday, July 19, 2007

Get Educated!!!

Want to learn more about Ceramic Arts??? How about some techniques???

Well...I have the answer for you! Duncan University has just released New Essentials Courses!!! In each section you will learn about different types of products and their usage! I will give you a little sneak preview of what each section offers...

Essentials 101 - Full Day Course
The art of ceramics has endured thousands of years of history and cultural diversification. Experience new insights into this fascinating art form with this course focused on Concepts® Underglazes for Bisque.

Essentials 102 - Full Day Course
Learn the original form of decorating ceramic clay with two of the oldest types of colorants from traditional ceramic processes.

Essentials 103 - Higher Education
Nurture your knowledge and creativity with ceramic glazes in various finishes. This course gives you the tools to create beautiful works of art.
Essentials 104 - No Heat Required
This course will help round out your ceramic education and teach you about an amazing array of specialty products. Learn how to create excitement in ceramics without the use of a kiln.

As you advance in your skill level and knowledge of ceramic arts, you will be rewarded with special recognition and prestigious awards like the Certified Duncan Teacher Pin and diploma. After 25 courses are completed, participants receive the coveted Erma Duncan award and porcelain plate to recognize their achievement. Plus you are then able to join IADCCT which is a great group of ceramic lovers!!!

Click here to find an Ambassador in your area and to learn more about Duncan U Courses.

I am going to try to get a group of girlfriends together and sign up to take the new courses! Can't wait to sign up to take these courses!!!

Artfully Yours,

Ceramic Diva

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Leavin Las Vegas maybe Vegas wasn't 100% relaxing! There was so much to see that I think we only got about 10 hours of sleep in 3 days!
Our days were spent lounging by the pools at our hotel...and our nights were spent hopping on the monorail checking out several other casinos...the Sirens of TI is a great show that Treasure Island has in front of the hotel...packed with dancing, singing, and fireworks!!!
We had a great time and can't wait for another trip to LV!!!
Artfully yours,

Ceramic Diva

Friday, July 13, 2007

Take 5 and Relaaaax!

Tonight my husband and I are off to one of my favorite places...LAS VEGAS! I usually don't win big at gambling...but win BIG at having fun!
I know that most people don't really think of Las Vegas as being a great place to relax...but let me tell you in the summer it's perfect! Our plan is to hang out by the pool during the day and then in the evenings (once it's cooler than 115 degrees!) We are going to hit the town! I am looking forward to going to the old strip, seeing the Sirens of TI, Fountains at the Bellagio, Lions at MGM, Shark Tank/Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, The Roller Coaster at NY NY, and my favorite thing...a little clubbin'! Looking forward to hitting the dance floor at Studio 54 and Tryst (located at the Wynn)!
When I get back from our mini-vacation I will post some of the pictures!
Artfully yours,

Friday, July 06, 2007

Hootie Hooo!!!

Today I received an email for Daily Candy and fell in love with the necklace featured. When I went to the website for Maneki there were other great trendy necklaces and earrings...The necklace with the owl on it reminds me of my Grandma Gwen...she would have LOVED this plus the matching earrings!

Maneki creates each collection with names that are inspired from Japan's maneki neko, the famous beckoning cat that is said to usher luck and good fortune into one’s life. Designed by Sarah Elizabeth Eastep, the line features cheery charms that can only mean good things. Everyone needs some good things in their life!

Artfully Yours,

Ceramic Diva

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Designer Glazes™ are totally captivating...I love that you can create an artistic inspired project or detailed project! The consistent results I get using Designer Glazes™ provide, plus their versatility and ease of use make these glazes ideal for both the casual ceramist and professional alike. They also work in perfect harmony with other Duncan glazes and underglazes as well as in combination with each other for dramatic results! Fabulous!!! I really need to start on another ceramic project using Designer Glazes™!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!

Artfully Yours,

Ceramic Diva