Monday, November 20, 2006

What are you thankful for??

There is something about Thanksgiving that just excites me!! Not sure if it’s spending time with family, eating such yummy food or if it’s the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade that I look forward to each year!!

This year my husband and I are hosting Thanksgiving at our home…it’s going to be his family and mine! Which should be quite an event! My Mom is bringing her famous Broccoli Salad, my Mother in Law is bringing desserts, and my Sister in Law is bringing the rolls…the rest will be done by us!!! Over the weekend I went to Joann’s and purchased some crafting supplies to decorate the dinner table as well as the buffet tables. You know you will get pictures after the Thanksgiving holiday!! Plus I also purchased a few things for Christmas too! I am really excited to decorate for Christmas this year, thanks to my friend Doug Alves here at Duncan Enterprises who has inspired me! He was featured on our local TV Station showing his amazing holiday talents, tips and decorating ideas…it just got my creative juices flowing!

Check out the Pumpkin Cookie Jar I just finished…isn’t that the most perfect shade for a pumpkin?!?! It’s called Pumpkin Spice, in the Courtyard Art Glaze Family, plus it’s also featured in our Masterpiece in Minutes program! I am pretty sure that I am going to fill it up with delicious pumpkin cookies. It will fit perfectly for the theme on my dessert table!!!

With all of the stress preparing meals and your home, don’t lose sight of the importance of Thanksgiving. I am thankful for my family…what are you thankful for??

Have a happy and wonderful Thanksgiving!

Artfully Yours,
Ceramic Diva

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Exciting events this weekend!!!

This weekend is going to be full of exciting events…starting with my cousins’ wedding…then my birthday!!! We are going to head to Pismo Beach, CA on Friday! Starting the weekend off right with dinner at Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant…if you have never been there you must try it! They have the most amazing Butternut Squash Ravioli’s!!!

Saturday’s events will make for a full day!!! My mom and I are meeting the M.O.G. (Mother of the Groom!) at the reception spot to assist where we can with decorating and completing any final touches! The wedding is in the afternoon at Mission San Luis Obispo…check out that picture…all I can say is BEAUTIFUL!!

On Sunday it’s my birthday!!!! Many of my friends and especially my husband will tell you that my birthday is quite an event…it’s often referred to as my “Birth-Month” because the celebrations are ongoing!! Sooooo…on Sunday we are going to go to breakfast with all of my family and then hopefully do a little shopping!! SLO & Pismo have such cool shops!!

I can’t wait for this weekend and I will show you pictures next week from the exciting events!!

Artfully Yours,

Ceramic Diva

Friday, November 03, 2006

First Time Ceramics...

Anonymous asked....

"Hi Diva! I belong to a group of ladies that get together to try new and exciting things, not sky diving but new creative projects. I know for sure we have never attempted any type of ceramic project, so we were wondering if you have a good first project that will challenge us as well as be old lady friendly? Thanks and we enjoy your blog!!"

Hi Anonymous! Thanks so much for your response and I am delighted that you enjoy my blog! Ok...the project I would recommend for you and your "weekend warrior crafting group" is...The Gingko Pitcher Set. On our website you can find hundreds of project ideas along with awesome detailed instructions. Once your ceramic pieces are finished please post them for everyone to enjoy!

Artfully yours,
Ceramic Diva

Halloween Thrills and Chills....

Everyone looked INKcredible here for Halloween here at Duncan’s!!! We are such a creative bunch! Our team was called the INKcredibles Tattoo Team! Then we have the “Fantasy Divas” which were absolutely hilarious!! The team who won was the Design team..they were “CSID” (Craft Scene Instigators of Duncan) Check out the pictures of our awesome teams! We even had Captian Jack Sparrows long lost brother…Jose Diego Julio Antonio Ricardo Chi Chi Sparrow! Tuesday we also celebrated a birthday for a team member who turned 21 on Sunday…soooo in honor of turning 21 our theme is alcohol..from Brandied Chicken Wings to Triple Chocolate Kahlua Brownies!!! As you can imagine we had so much food and FUN!!!! I can't believe I work at such a fantastic place!!

Speaking of work has anyone purchased Neon Satin Glazes?? They are
absolutely awesome and I really can’t wait to use them on a few projects I have in mind…to get some inspiration go to our web and check out the new Neon Satin Glazes technique guide!!! It’s totally fresh and exciting!

Artfully yours,
Ceramic Diva

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

October Showers bring November Flowers!!

Whew..the bridal shower is over!! Everything was absolutely beautiful…from the weather (a lovely 82 degrees!) to the restaurant we hosted the bridal shower at and especially the bride to be!!! The picture on the left is of the favors that I made for the event! They are tins I picked up at the craft store, filled them with custom colored M&M’s to match her wedding colors then used Aleene’s Tacky Glue to add matching ribbon and bows. VERY EASY!! Boy what an impact they made! I am just delighted that everything is finished and now we are looking forward to the wedding in November! Which should be spectacular…it’s in SLO, Ca (San Luis Obispo)…what wouldn’t be beautiful there?!

Artfully yours,
Ceramic Diva