Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's here!!!

Today our Duncan Team met downstairs for breakfast before tackling setting up our booth! I decided that today was going to be a fabulous day...3 things were going to happen:

1. Booth set up was going to be a breeze!
2. Our new Duncan 2007 Creativity Guide will be delivered to us no problems!
3. My luggage will arrive!!! was time to head for the Hilton Towers to set up for NAEA and get started on my 3 fabulous things for the day!
We got to our booth area and sure enough, other exhibitors were busy getting all of their stuff set up! It was crazy...but good crazy! When we were about half way finished setting up our booth...the 2007 Creativity Guides had arrived!!! Yes! That is one off my list! It didn't take long to set up our booth...the hardest part was the lining up the wallpaper (check back for pictures tomorrow)!!! So sweet, another one off the list...that's 2 out of 3! Back to the hotel to check on my luggage...guess what...IT ARRIVED!!!!!! I was so excited I could have done cartwheels in the lobby!'s an absolutely fabulous day today!

After a great day, our Duncan Team set out to hit the town..."Uptown...Downtown...all the way around town"...we took the Subway down to catch the ferry to Ellis Island & Statue of Liberty, but we were about 5 minutes late for the last ferry! AHH! Then we headed up to check out some other "tourist" attractions...we past by Trinity Church, which the architecture is amazing there! We went through the tribute to 9-11 which was so moving...but very very sad. I attached a photo of Firehouse 10 which is right across from Ground Zero, next to the tribute. To pick up the mood after that we headed back on the Subway to 34th check out The Empire State Building, all the way to the top! 86 floors!!! The view was absolutely breathtaking...I took a photo from looking up and then several from looking out. (I am attaching my favorites!) After soaking up the views, lights, and plenty of wind we headed back to the area of our hotel to grab a bite to eat!

What a day today! Check back tomorrow for photos from our AMAZING booth!

Artfully Yours,

Ceramic Diva

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