Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hot DOG!!!

Yes this is my adorable BooBoo Dog aka - Shadow! One of my coworkers asked me if I had a dog because they needed one for a photo shoot...my dog now lives with my Mom (landlord won't allow pets)...so...Shadow came in for his very first photo shoot! He was so well behaved (because I promised him a tee of his own!

All of these loveable doggy tees were made using products from our Tulip® Pet Lounge™ line(which is NEW!)...check out the project section of the web for other "pawsome projects"!!!

Off to go make Shadows tee!

Artfully Yours,
Ceramic Diva

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I just love the Pet Lounge line from Tulip! I need to make some for my doggy and my friends doggy! Maybe a Pet Lounge Party!