Friday, August 31, 2007

We are family!!!

Today was a busy busy day!

First off...Tapestry of Leaves class at 9:30am and 11:00am!

After assisting David with the classes and doing a little clean up I grabbed lunch then hit up our booth!!! It was so much fun having people pop in to sing "We are family" take the a games...and talk about our upcoming karaoke event!

Tonight was the Reception and Live Auction hosted by CCSA! It was great! Our auction item went for $1400 and all of the proceeds raised go to Susan G Komen foundation for breast cancer! The total event amount raised was over $53,000! Plus...WE WON BEST BOOTH!!!! Wooooohooo!!!!

Fountain created by Bisque Imports

Christmas Setting created by Katie Usdom owner of Glazed Expressions

The tree lights up and so do the Katie brought a CD containing children singing Christmas Carols...and there was even an "evergreen" scent!

This was our auction's our Provence Collection painted out with your own family members! How cool is that!!! Suzie is the artist that will be painting the dinnerware set...check out the plate with Summer Duncan painted on it! Suzie is so talented...I had her paint a mug for my husband as a Christmas gift...she was right on!

Now it's Karaoke time!!!!!!!

We are family.....

Ceramic Diva

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