Thursday, September 13, 2007

New from Duncan U!

As you know Duncan has released a new product family... Designer Glazes™! These colors are striking and projects look absolutely haute! Just in case you aren't quite sure what "Haute" means...(Adjective)Pronunciation (ot)1. Fashionable2. High Class
Designer Glazes™ , a line of premium ceramic arts glazes inspired by Fashion Couture to turn fashion designer elements into home décor! Duncan makes it easier to create decorative pieces for the home that imitate the fabrics, textures, and colors people love to wear!
We have a new Duncan U Course...Designer Glaze POS! (Product Orientation Session) This course will give you the tools you need to get excited about Duncan Designer Glazes™ plus showcases features, benefits and techniques!
Each project is soooo marvelous! You have to sign up for the class!!! To find a class near you ...check out the Ambassador locator!
Artfully Yours,
Ceramic Diva

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Lisa A. Tait-Gonzalez said...

Hey Ceramic Diva,

My name is Lisa and for about 2 years I have been working on a line of cerammic products for people to purchase in the PYOP setting. I owned a studio for years and couldn't stop thinking about all of the products that I could design for customers to use and professionals. Please take a look at my site and let me know what you think or I could just use your advice! Lisa or