Friday, October 12, 2007

And we're off!!!

On our way out of town Friday it seems like we hit every pocket of rain their could be! But we finally made it to our hotel...then we went out for a bite to eat!

Not sure if anyone has ever been to a Dave & Busters but it's soooo much fun!!!! The motto is "Eat...Drink...Play" and that is what we did! As soon as you walk in you have the option of going up to one of the two bar areas to watch sports & have a drink...or you can put your name down to play some pool or for a dining experience...or you can venture out to the arcade area to choose your video game!

Well...we started by putting our name down for dinner, then sat at the bar area had a drink and watch the baseball game! Dinner was fabulous!!! All I have to say is hot doughnut holes with chocolate fudge dipping sauce!!!! YUMMY!!! After dinner and dessert we needed to burn off some calories...a little skeeball and friendly video game competition!!

It was a great night and couldn't wait for tomorrow's events at the Boardwalk!!!

Artfully Yours,

Ceramic Diva

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