Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Tree Lane

Last night was the 85th annual Christmas Tree Lane walk!
It was FREEZING last night!!!! mom (aka-My BFF) headed out to enjoy the holiday season! Just to give you a little Christmas Tree Lane history....It's a 2 mile stretch on VanNess (Old Fig Garden area), starting from Shields ending at Shaw...but if you walk up and back that is about 4 miles! (well deserving of Hot Chocolate from Starbucks!)
The only time that Christmas Tree Lane went dark was 1941 during wartime and in 1973 during the energy crisis...since then Christmas Tree Lane has improved energy efficiency with better wiring, cutting power requirements by almost 50% over the past 8 years! Fabulous!

This picture just doesn't do this fairytale house justice!!! I just love clear white just illuminates the yard and house!!!

With every great show there is a finale!
This house had a castle set up...complete with a Disneyland Train, Timesquare Clock, "Light Up" Fireworks in the Trees, and SNOW (ok, a snowmaker!) coming down from the trees! But the ending message was Peace on Earth.
I just love Christmas Tree Lane...its a tradition every year that get so
excited and I get to feel like a kid again!
Only 13 days till Christmas!!!!
Artfully Yours,
Ceramic Diva

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