Monday, May 05, 2008

It's time to party!

Yesterday was my goddaughter's first birthday...This required some serious planning!
I love cupcakes and thought it would be so cute to have that as the party theme!
After we had a count of how many guests would be there I ordered plates, balloons, streamers, plus a custom made cupcake sign! The only thing that I couldn't find was a centerpiece...nothing really stood out! Soo...I came up with this idea to paint terracotta pots white and add stripes of different widths and colors. (Just like the plates!) Last weekend my sister came over and spent her Saturday helping me paint...(I really wanted to post these last week however they were a surprise!) I spray painted them white the day prior, next we taped them off and painted each stripe a different coordinating color by using OS™ Opaque Acrylics. Once the paint had dried we brushed the top rim (or stripes) with Tulip® Fashion Glitter Bond then sprinkled them with Tulip® Fashion Glitter™ adding a little bling to the pots! After everything was dry I sprayed each pot with our Super Gloss Spray Sealer. the day before the party on Saturday I filled the pots with potting soil and planted coordinating color flowers! The finishing touch was a little pink tulle to tie it all together!

These are the decorations...

I have to say...I think that those are the best looking centerpieces!!!
Artfully Yours,

Ceramic Diva


Anonymous said...

OMG...the party decorations are so cute...especially the pots! You are the best godmother!!

Anonymous said...

So...are you gonna start doing kids party planning. If so I have a job for you!