Sunday, October 05, 2008


Today my husband and I took our niece to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo !
This was her first trip to the zoo and we were delighted to take her!!!
To start our journey at the zoo we started off by checking out the monkeys!

Next we stopped by to check out the Giraffes...

Ok, now how cool is can feed the Giraffes!!!

The Sea Otters were so adorable!!
Look how cute!!!
All of that walking around and checking out the animals made us hungry! The 3 of us grabbed lunch and watch the other animals nearby playing on the trees & vines.
After we finished our delicious PB &J's we continued our adventure through the stop was the Anteaters...the mom walked around and her baby just slept on her back.

We checked out the Camels...he was very busy eating his lunch!
Saved the best for we are off to the reptile house...
We couldn't take pictures of the reptiles inside (no flash!) so the pictures is of the outside statue.

PS - The statue was painted with Duncan Glazes!

After a fun and full afternoon at the zoo it was time to go home! How long has it been since you went wild at the zoo?!

Artfully Yours,

Ceramic Diva

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