Friday, November 03, 2006

Halloween Thrills and Chills....

Everyone looked INKcredible here for Halloween here at Duncan’s!!! We are such a creative bunch! Our team was called the INKcredibles Tattoo Team! Then we have the “Fantasy Divas” which were absolutely hilarious!! The team who won was the Design team..they were “CSID” (Craft Scene Instigators of Duncan) Check out the pictures of our awesome teams! We even had Captian Jack Sparrows long lost brother…Jose Diego Julio Antonio Ricardo Chi Chi Sparrow! Tuesday we also celebrated a birthday for a team member who turned 21 on Sunday…soooo in honor of turning 21 our theme is alcohol..from Brandied Chicken Wings to Triple Chocolate Kahlua Brownies!!! As you can imagine we had so much food and FUN!!!! I can't believe I work at such a fantastic place!!

Speaking of work has anyone purchased Neon Satin Glazes?? They are
absolutely awesome and I really can’t wait to use them on a few projects I have in mind…to get some inspiration go to our web and check out the new Neon Satin Glazes technique guide!!! It’s totally fresh and exciting!

Artfully yours,
Ceramic Diva


Anonymous said...

I used the neon satin glazes and they are amazing! Your suggestions on your blog help keep me and my projects young and fresh, which I need desprately! Thanks ceramic diva, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Diva! I belong to a group of ladies that gets together and trys new and exciting things, not sky diving but new creative projects. I know for sure we have never attempted anything ceramic so we were wondering if you have a good first project that will challenge us as well as be old lady friendly?
Thanks and we enjoy your blog!!