Friday, March 09, 2007

Its all about being CREATIVE!

Yes...just as I promised...a little sneak peak!
Ok, so I can't show you the entire Duncan Creativity Guide but you can at least check out the cover to see how absolutely AWESOME it looks! I am so excited for everyone to take a peek at our new bisque designs! Be sure to contact your local Duncan Distributor at the end of the month to get your copy!!!

The next exciting thing on my plate is...A pedicure this weekend at my favorite spa Aqua Nails Bar!!! Plus we are going to try this fabulous new French Restaurant here in Fresno called Rhema! I will keep you in the loop on how yummy and relaxed we are after Saturday!!!! Aside from the wonderful things that I am doing this weekend, next week our Ceramics Team is going to be attending the National Art Education Association (NAEA) which will be held in NEW YORK! Keep checking my blog...I am going to blog about the events for each day!!

Check back on Monday for the info on Rhema!
Artfully yours,
Ceramic Diva

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Anonymous said...

I love the cover of the Creativity Guide! I can't wait to get my own copy and check out what is new from Duncan!