Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sunny Days!!!

Last weekend was full for me...From testing some new products to helping out by painting our Contempo Pitchers for an upcoming show...which is the NAEA held in New York! So this weekend I was determined to get outside and enjoy our fabulous weather!! Which was an amazing 70 degrees all weekend!! So on Saturday I went for a walk with my sister and her friend Emily...(check out our picture)...we had such a great time! Then we hit up Starbucks after that, for a much needed refresher! On Sunday, it was another amazing day to enjoy outdoors!! My husband and I enjoyed our day off together by reading the paper...savoring coffee and the awesome sunshine...then it was time for a little yard work! After enjoying the great outdoors we dropped by over at my sister-in-laws house to see our little niece who is 7 months old! Every time we see her she changes! What a doll!! This next weekend I am hoping for a little outdoor time again...although I am going for a pedicure with friends on Saturday at Aqua Nails Bar. Check back later this week for a sneak peek on our Duncan Creativity Guide!!
Artfully Yours,
Ceramic Diva

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