Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sassy Intensions!

I am so excited for our NEW Duncan Oh Four™ Bisque designs to arrive so I can begin working on new projects!!!

A couple of my favorite designs are the new Soy Sauce Pot, Sake Decanter, and Sake Cup which are editions to our Asian Collection! I have the inspiration to create a set for take out nights!!!

Now for one of my favorite new bisque shapes...Yes...for those of you who know me personally, I love Justin Timberlake! That is why when we created this new addition to Duncan Oh Four™ Bisque it seemed so perfect to put saving for Justin T Tickets! I am definitely a "Sassy" saver rather than a "Sweet" saver! But the choice is up to you...make it your own! One great thing about this project is it's decorated with OS™ Opaque Acrylics. Which is a "Non-Fired" you don't have a kiln it's cool to seal with any of our Spray Sealers!

So...what are you intending to save for???

Artfully Yours,
Ceramic Diva

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's an easy question...I'm always "saving" for shoes!!!