Sunday, March 23, 2008

Family Time...

This year my assignment for our Easter family gathering were cupcakes...(everyone brings something...usually their favorite dish...however I am obsessed with cupcakes!!!)

Not just cupcakes...but a ginormous cupcake also...

I haven't seen my cousin Kayla since Christmas and she is already 3 inches taller than me!

I love family gives me a chance to see family from out of town.
Kinda like a special treat!

Now the egg hunt begins...this year 300 eggs were hidden. Most filled with chocolate, jelly beans and the selected few filled with $5 bills!Yes...the pool behind us looks crystal clear and so me the water was like dipping your toe in arctic ice water!!!

I hope that everyone got to spend time with their family today and enjoy the beautiful Easter holiday!

Happy Easter!

Artfully Yours
Ceramic Diva

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