Monday, June 23, 2008

Wild Water Adventure!

Saturday was our company picnic...which was held at Wild Water Adventures! Earlier in the week I was getting really excited...until the forecast called for 110 degree weather on Saturday!!! WOW! HOT! But I still was looking forward to the party...delicious food, great prizes, chatting up with coworkers and the famous Salsa competition. This year the plate and bowl were absolutely adorable...I had to win! So...I cranked out my Grandma O's famous salsa recipe and submitted it into the competition! Guess what...I I also received a gift certificate to one of our local restaurants!
It was a fantastic time!!!
Artfully Yours,
Ceramic Diva


Anonymous said...

OK where is the picture and "how to" on the wonderful salsa bowl you won?????????

Ceramic Diva said...

Dear Anonymous,

The project image and instructions should be posted on our website the end of the week. I will add the image of the Chip Plate and Salsa Bowl!

Ceramic Diva

Anonymous said...

Thank you, now I can have my talented daughter make this for me!