Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Dean!

This is a picture of Dippin Dean for Halloween...we dressed up as "DuncanInk"! As you can tell Dean is a total ROCK STAR! He is known in Ceramic Land as "Dippin Dean" and known to music lovers as "Drummin Dean"!

In honor of Drummin Deans birthday we wanted to do something special...a suggestion from V here at work was lets honor Dean by donning our Rock n Roll attire! Everyone brought out their rock tee's or like a few of us made special shirts. Alyson added some special sparkle to her Rolling Stones shirt...I created an airbrush "Rush" (Dean's favorite band) tank using Tulip® Spirit™ Spray-on Metallic Fabric Paint.

Here is a pic of the Rock n Roll group that dressed up!
Myself, Alyson, Allee, Alexis - Front row left to right
David, Jen and Dean - Back Row
(Allee made a tye dye tee to represent Deans band Hat-Trick)

Allee made a custom jacket with Tulip® Express Yourself™ X-Large Metallic 3D Iron-on Transfer™ plus Tulip® Spirit™ Iron-On Appliqué Numbers & Letters spelling out Hat-Trick!

We had such a fun day...just wish that V was here to join in our rockn good time!

Happy Birthday Dean!

Artfully Yours,

Ceramic Diva

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