Friday, October 17, 2008

Awesome Techniques!

The Ginkgo Leaf Oval Platter is an extraordinary project!
I know that it looks rather cumbersome...but using the Majolica Technique you will be elated on how beautiful your final results will be! What...never heard of Majolica?! Ok, let me break it down for ya...
Step 1 - Select a nonmoving glaze so that the design or pattern does not become distorted in the glaze firing. Apply 3 coats to bisque plate, using a fan brush. Let dry.
Step 2 - Trace your design on your bisque piece, using, clay carbon and pencil.
Typical majolica designs are traditional fruits, flower and leaves, abstracts or patterns.
Step 3 - Apply 2 coats of glaze to design, using a round brush. Let dry.
Step 4 - After the glaze firing, the design is a permanent part of the glaze surface.
Still not convinced that you could do it...WATCH how easy it is...just click here to watch the video!
Artfully Yours,
Ceramic Diva

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