Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch!

Saturday was such a busy day!!!
I wouldn't call it babysitting...more like hangin out with a pint size buddy!
My friend "Fab" brought over her little girl (umm doughnuts too!) and we enjoyed
a little breakfast...then Fab headed Melana and I headed off to Cobb Ranch to pick out the perfect pumpkin! Oh my goodness...when we arrived they had not 1 but 2 Bounce Houses, a Jungle Gym complete with recycled tire swings made to look like horses, a Tri-Cycle Bike Race Track, Animal Farm, Tractor Train, and of course...the Hay Ride! You know we experienced ALL OF got a beautiful pumpkin! It was SO much fun!!!
After our journey to Cobb Ranch we picked up lunch and headed back to my house! Once lunch was finished it was time to get baking!!! Normally I will make the cookie dough from scratch, however these are special pumpkin cookies...just use refrigerated sugar cookie dough, cut a small amount off, place the dough separately in a bowls...the small amount of dough gets green food coloring (to represent the pumpkin stem) and the rest of the dough gets orange food coloring (the pumpkin!)...Melana loved mixing it, rolling it into the "perfect" shape and then adding the green stem! After the cookies had baked and cooled slightly...we made pumpkin faces using mini chocolate chips!

We had a fantastic day together!!!

I can't wait for more special times to hang out with my buddy!

Artfully Yours,

Ceramic Diva

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Candyland said...

We are SO going to make these next weekend. My sons are considerably older but no less the cookie fanatics! Great family activity, Diva!