Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bye Bye NYC!!!

Yes...today is the day that we are flying home...but I wouldn't live with myself if I didn't go out with a bang! So...yep, SHOPPING!!! My mom and I headed out early again, hitting up a fabulous find called Laila Rowe.
They had accessories for every color outfit you could possibly own at cheap, cheap prices!!! Think Claire's accessories but not made for kids...totally amazing! After spending an hour and a half in there we went over to get our daily Starbucks...then to keep on truckin'...

Time Square was going to be our last stop before we had to check out of the hotel...but I got caught up being a kid again at Toys R Us! The photo on the left is the Farris Wheel inside of the store! OH MY...LOVE IT! What kid wouldn't want to hang out here all day! On our way back up 7th we still had some time before checking out and there is this place I read about called Alcone Company...which sells make up to theater/broadway, TV and movie stars. They are so helpful and I had such a fun time in there!!! The staff was super knowledgeable plus they didn't push their products on you...plus the prices were reasonable!

Now it's check out time...so sad to leave NYC...but I miss home!! Can't wait to see my husband tonight!!! Plus get back to work (sounds crazy I know but I love my job)!!!

Artfully Yours,

Ceramic Diva

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